8 Tips on Selecting Punchout Software Vendors

Selecting a punchout software provider is a critical decision with long-term consequences for your relationships with your buyers. Each buying organization has multiple unique needs and specifications, and you need the flexibility to adapt to your client’s exact requirements. As a supplier, you know that while your clients may have many characteristics in common, their individual needs vary. Punchout is no different. 

When selecting a punchout software vendor, it’s important to do your homework. Here’s what to look for:

Tip #1: Experience that runs deep and wide.

eProcurement system idiosyncrasies are very common and you want a punchout provider who has seen it all. Your punchout software vendor should have experience with all the major eProcurement systems, such as Ariba, Coupe, SAP, Oracle, Jaggaer, GEP, etc., as well as the smaller or niche systems. Your punchout vendor should offer an adaptable service platform that can connect to any eProcurement system.

Tip #2:  Strong e-commerce background

Look for a punchout provider who has built its offering on the foundation of an e-commerce system. Providers with robust e-commerce backgrounds will have more adaptable and powerful solutions.

Tip #3:  Onboarding strength

Onboarding is the connection and integration with the eProcurement system, and the ability to onboard quickly and smoothly is critical to the success of your punchout catalog.  

Tip #4:  Superior customer service

Best-in-class customer service is key for both you and your buyer.  You should also look for a punchout vendor who can understand your business and provide professional e-commerce strategy coaching.

Tip #5:  Advanced features

Your punchout catalog becomes your onsite sales team for your buyers.  You want a solution that differentiates you from other suppliers and gives your company a competitive advantage.

Tip #6:  Seasoned technical professionals

An experienced team will ensure the smoothest possible experience during the punchout integration.

Tip #7:  Dedicated service post-launch

As important as seasoned technical professionals are during the punchout integration, having a dedicated team post-launch means you’ll be in capable hands from day one.

Tip #8:  Automated tools

Leveraging automated tools to handle punchout data processing frees up your staff to do other tasks and provide better customer service.

If you haven’t read our Punchout Catalogs 101, go check that out.  We also have an easy-to-understand explanation ofLevel 2 Punchout.

For a more detailed look at punchout catalogs, please download our ebook, So Your Customer Wants Punchbout. Now What?


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